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KMA CORPORATION is a leader in the heavy load handling and rigging industry, providing comprehensive solutions for complex projects. Our expertise and specialized equipment enable us to undertake various operations involving lifting, assembly, and transportation of large-scale loads. From multimodal transportation to equipment certification and engineering services, we offer a holistic approach. We ensure safety and quality at every stage, supported by an experienced professional team. At KMA CORPORATION, we elevate your project to the next level with efficiency and commitment.

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Our Services

Equipment rental for lifting and transportation

Providing lifting and transportation equipment for rent

At KMA CORPORATION, we are industry leaders when it comes to handling heavy loads and performing rigging tasks with precision and safety. Our expertise and specialized equipment enable us to tackle a wide range of projects that involve lifting, assembly, and transportation of large-scale loads.

  • Cranes
    • All-terrain telescopic cranes from 20 to 1200 tons.
    • Truck-mounted telescopic cranes from 14 to 100 tons.
    • Crawler cranes with lattice booms up to 700 tons.
    • Truck-mounted lattice boom cranes up to 750 tons.
    • Truck-mounted cranes with a capacity of up to 25 tons.

  • Transport Equipment
    • 6x4, 6x6, and 8x4 tractor units for towing up to 275 tons.
    • Extendable trailers up to 52 meters in length and a capacity of 80 tons.
    • 2 and 3-axle trailers with a capacity of up to 30 tons.
    • Lowboys with up to 10 meters of bed length and a capacity of 50 tons.
    • Modular lines with various configurations up to 2000 tons of capacity.
    • Transformer transporters with a capacity of up to 170 tons.

  • Telescopic Handlers and Forklifts
    • Telescopic handlers up to 5 tons.
    • Forklifts with a capacity of up to 10 tons.

Multimodal Transportation

Efficient and Versatile

Our multimodal transportation solution combines different means of transport to ensure the efficient delivery of your materials. We manage transportation from the point of origin to the destination, utilizing both maritime and land transportation. Additionally, we handle customs procedures and ensure the receipt and delivery of materials. Your cargo will be in safe and experienced hands.

Certifications and Specialized Training

Enhancing Expertise and Knowledge

We offer inspection and certification services for mobile cranes, as well as lifting equipment. We also provide certification courses for both operators and rigging personnel. Our training and certification ensure safety and quality in every operation.

Engineering and Project Management

Driving Success through Expertise

We have a team of experienced engineers and professionals who offer engineering and project management services. This includes digitalized design of plans, assessment of environmental conditions and risk factors, as well as cost quoting and the selection of suitable equipment. We ensure that your project progresses efficiently and safely.